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Ever feel like you just need a reboot?
This is a 1-Day Detox, designed to fit your lifestyle. It is based on the assumption that you do not have hours and hours every day to prep food or search out exotic ingredients and that you are also feeding your family (who are not detoxing). The meal plan, grocery list and strategic prep session will fit into your busy schedule. You do not need to wait for that elusive - someday, when I have time...
DETOX??! What? Aren't detoxes all about juicing and herbal extracts and dramatically running to the bathroom? 
A detox is all about giving your body a break and treating it with healing, natural REAL FOOD.

  • You wish you had more energy
  •  You feel bloated
  •  Your skin and hair don't glow the way they used to
  •  You know the importance of focusing on whole foods but you've gotten into some bad food habits for the sake of convenience
  •  You feel like you never have quite enough time to really prepare healthy food for yourself or your family
  •  You feel like you are in a rut when it comes to cooking and you need to take stock and reboot
This Detox provides you with everything you need to take a vacation from making any decisions about food for the entire day. No stress about what you are going to eat or prepare for breakfast, lunch or dinner - or the snacks in between :)
This 1 day Detox is 100% Free.
Designed for BUSY MOMS.

~ Meal Plan
~ Recipes
~ Shopping List
~ Prep Strategy with a full demo video to Guarantee success!

This 1 DAY DETOX is adapted to be super FAMILY FRIENDLY.

This Detox uses REAL, WHOLE FOOD and does not rely on supplements or require you to consume everything as a liquid.

Plus you'll get access to a private Facebook Group for support & answers to any question you have. 
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