Say good-bye to the excesses of summer.

Give yourself a reboot this September.


Finally, a detox that will fit into the lifestyle of a busy mom.
This 14 Day Detox is designed to fit your lifestyle. It is based on the assumption that you do not have hours and hours every day to prep food or search out exotic ingredients and that you are also feeding your family (who are not detoxing). The meal plans, grocery lists and strategic prep sessions will fit into your busy schedule. You do not need to wait for that elusive - someday, when I have time...
  •  You wish you had more energy
  •  You feel bloated
  •  Your skin and hair don't glow the way they used to
  •  You know the importance of focusing on whole foods but you've gotten into some bad food habits for the sake of convenience
  • You feel like you never have quite enough time to really prepare healthy food for yourself or your family
  •  You feel like you are in a rut when it comes to cooking and you need to take stock and reboot
Whole Food Detox
  • LOSE that bloated feeling
  •   RID your body of toxins.
  •  NORMALIZE your hormone levels.
  •  BOOST your energy levels.
  •  Make  your skin GLOW.
  •  LOOK and FEEL amazing.
  •  KICKSTART healthy eating habits that will give you a clean slate (literally).
This is a 14-day program that is easy to follow. It calls for whole food - no expensive or difficult to find supplements. The best part - you will not have to prepare one meal for yourself and a different one for the rest of the family. 
Have you tried a detox before - and thought, NEVER AGAIN? Or watched a friend juicing 24/7 and brewing up strange concoctions and thought NOT FOR ME?

There are some common misconceptions about what it is involved with detoxing. 

Number One: You have to juice everything. Definitely NOT TRUE when you detox with REAL FOOD. You get to eat, not drink, a delicious variety of food.

Number Two: You need to take a strict regiment of supplements and herbal extracts. Also NOT TRUE when you are detoxing with REAL FOOD.
Family Friendly Detox
The last thing you want to do when you are detoxing is prepare one set of meals for yourself and another for your family. Who needs the extra work!

This detox is based on whole foods and delicious recipes that the whole family can eat and enjoy! 

This does not mean that your whole family has to detox. It simply means that they can eat the same things that you are. The meal plans, prep instructions and grocery lists include easy, healthy ideas of what you can add to make your detox meals perfect for the whole family. 

Though your whole family will not be on a strict detox, they will benefit from this healthy, clean eating.
This probably isn't the first time you have decided to overhaul your eating habits and make a healthy change, right? We are busy moms and life can get in the way of the best of intentions. 

The most common barriers to a successful switch to a healthier eating style are a lack of TIME, ACCOUNTABILITY and SUPPORT.

Who has TIME to plan out & prep all those meals and avoid convenience foods? 

You will actually have more TIME on this detox because everything is planned out for you - including the schedule of when to prep what. It will take less time that you might think using the tips and tricks in this plan. You won't be tempted by whatever convenience food is quickest and easiest because you will always have everything ready to go!

Family Friendly Detox
When you sign up for the Detox for Busy Moms - you don't just get a bunch of meal plans and recipes and 'good luck with it all!' You will join a private Facebook Group that is full of resources, including videos on how to prep and cook all of your food. But you'll get a lot more than that out of the group.

Being part of that group is going to set you up for success.

Everyone will start the program on the same day - September 10th. Everyone will be on the same schedule and eating the same things - sharing the same concerns, questions, observations, advice and ideas. 

Part of your program will be checking in with the group. Accountability is a HUGE MOTIVATOR when it comes with sticking to the plan - and being successful.
It's no wonder you haven't been able to make any of those easy-sounding just-do-this diets part of your routine over the long run. 

Who has time to weigh how many ounces of protein are in their breakfast when they're trying to get kids out the door for school? Or to take a recipe that is clearly written for a single person, with mountains of time on their hands, and translate it into something family friendly? And who has the luxury of driving all over town to different specialty stores looking for particular ingredients? 

This plan is designed for you to succeed.  At the end of two weeks you are going to feel energized and rebooted. When it comes to the long run - these healthy habits are going to stick!

I couldn’t believe that I went 8 days without bread or meat and I wasn’t even hungry! Plus I ended up losing 4 pounds. I can definitely see myself sticking with a lot of these new habits.

Joannne (mom of 3)
I love doing the prep in advance. I would look forward to dinner because I already knew how good it looked from the prep AND because I didn’t have to stress about what to make. How often do you get to serve an amazing dinner with so little effort that there was lots of time to spend with the kids!?

Alicia (mom of twins)

Grocery list was a lifesaver... I tried out a new store and it was easy to follow and find things in store sections. Recipes were great too.

Sarah (new mom)

September Sale $199 (regularly $299)
100% Money Back Guarantee
You will have a full 30 days to ask for your money back if you don't feel like this detox delivers. No questions asked.
Your Pretox
Days 1 - 6. The Pretox is a key factor in a successful detox. Each day includes important action steps, with video and group support, to ready yourself, your kitchen and your family for the 8 days of your detox. Pretox includes shopping for ingredients and starting on your food prep schedule.  

Your Detox - Phase 1
Days 7 - 10. These first few days will be the hardest (but so worth it!). On the first 2 you will be eating raw fruits and vegetables - in delicious combinations. Day 3 and 4 start introducing cooked foods and protein. 

Your Detox - Phase 2
Days 11 - 14. During this phase you are going to notice soaring energy levels and a wonderful feeling of balance as you get into your groove of eating healthy whole foods while ridding your body of toxins.
Whole Food Detox
Whole Food Detox
You definitely do not!

This detox uses accessible, whole foods.  The purpose of the detox is to get rid of the build up of toxins in your body. It will be important to buy ORGANIC as much as you can.

You will need a good blender or a Magic Bullet (I use mine for everything). You don't need a juicer. I also recommend a good lemon squeezer. 

The detox will include details of what to look for on labels. 

Everything you need for this detox you will be able to get from a good quality grocery store. 
Sometimes one of the most exhausting things to do is just deciding what to make for dinner (or lunch or breakfast). There's a reason why pre-packages convenience food is so appealing!

During your detox, you won't have to make any decisions. I like to call it a DECISION VACATION. Everything you need will be provided including:
  •  Delicious Recipes 
  •  Meal Plans, Grocery Lists, Prep Schedule
  •  Video Guides for Food Prep
  •  Daily Support
  •  Access to Detox Private Facebook Group

Whole Food Detox
Whole Food Detox
This detox uses whole, preferably organic, foods. All of the meals and snacks are planned with the ingredients incorporated into the grocery lists. This is to make it as easy as possible for you. 

This detox does not require you to juice everything or sustain yourself on one or two specific foods. In fact you will be amazed and delighted by the variety of foods that you will be eating. For 8 days you will be asked to go without alcohol, dairy, meat and grains. And coffee. I know - that's the tough one for most people. 

Many of the recipes and snacks call for avocado and various nuts. If you have an aversion or allergy to these, then this detox may not be a good fit for you.

This detox is not vegetarian. You will be eating fish in Phase 2.
Toxins come into our bodies in other ways besides what we put in our mouths and eat. Some of the biggest offenders are beauty and skincare products. And this is even when they are labelled as 'natural' and 'safe'. 

The reality is that we are going to continue shampooing our hair, moisturizing, putting on our make-up... The goal of this detox is not to scare you into going and living in a cave in unwashed splendor but to empower you with healthy alternatives.

The detox will give you tools and information that you can use make smart choices in the products and brands that you use.
Detox Beauty and Skin Care
The fish tacos were amazing... even had comments at work the next day (brought leftovers) about how good it smelled.

Trish (mom of 2)
Thank you for this detox! It didn't have the negative detox side effects- I was never hungry or groggy, I just felt good about myself and body and happy that it was so easy to do on a busy week day.

The whole family loved the dinner last night. It is all gone - no left overs here! And it was vegetarian. Not the usual for us. 
I am feeling so energetic and so much later.

Kathy (mom to 2 teenagers)

The Detox for Busy Moms 
Sign-up today for only $199 
(September Sale Price)
This price includes all of your Meal Plans, Recipes, Grocery Lists, Prep Schedules, Daily Support, Video Instruction on Recipe Prep, Exclusive Access to a Private Facebook Support Group.
Sepember Sale Price $199 (regularly $299)
100% Money Back Guarantee
You will have a full 30 days to ask for your money back if you don't feel like this detox delivers. No questions asked.
Whole Food Detox
Eating REAL FOOD is the healthiest way to eat. At the end of the detox you will be given guidelines for how to maintain healthy eating habits that centre around eating real, whole food.

The purpose of this detox is to reboot your system and give your body a chance to regroup. Part of that involves eliminating grains, dairy and meat while detoxing. 

After the detox, when you reintroduce these things back into your diet, you will discover that you no longer have the same dependence on them and moderation will be much easier. 

Detoxers will continue to have access to the Facebook Group and the discussions on how to go forward embracing whole, real foods.

I am a business owner, passionate about food and a VERY busy Mom. Preparing healthy food for my family is right at the top of my list of priorities. I'm always up for an excursion to the farmer's market and constantly on the lookout for tasty ways to maximize the veggie content of every meal. 

Having said all that, I know just how easy it is to slip into bad eating habits for the sake of convenience. It was during one of those slumps that I tried my first detox. To be honest - it wasn't exactly a perfect fit for me. It called for LOTS of juicing, was full of restrictions that left me hungry and was not at all compatible with what I was cooking for my family. But I was taken with the possibilities. 

This detox is the product of lots of trial and error, test kitchening, researching - and a very patient family. And it works! At the end of 14 days you are going to feel full of energy, enthusiastic about all the delicious things you can make and really proud of the healthy environment in your home. If you get through the 14 days and don't feel great - then I will happily refund the cost of the program. No problem.  
Detox with Real Food
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